The intended purpose of this Zoom Pro account is to share a common resource to facilitate OA meetings and other business of Overeaters Anonymous of Central Iowa. 

Security is important to protect our meetings and the use of the account in the name of OA.  When more than one person has access to an account, any one of the users given host access could breach security of the account.  Therefore, we need some precautions to limit access to the group accounts including:

  • Allowing only those who need administrator access to have the login information for the licensed account
  • Changing the password periodically and more often when prudent

Security of the account is an intergroup function and meeting security belongs to the OA group. Each group is autonomous and the scheduling of one meeting does not impact the others.

User Accounts

Account Owner – The CII Web Manager user account is the account owner.  As the account owner, the web administrator can add or delete user accounts and set some options for meetings such as allowing screen sharing and breakout rooms. 

Host/Administrator – The OA DSM Zoom user account is the administrator.  This is the licensed user as required for a meeting host and scheduler.  Using this account as host allows the meetings to last more than 24 hours.  The meeting host can set meeting options when scheduling. Additional security settings are available when they start the meeting.  

Intergroup Roles

Intergroup Representatives – When a Central Iowa OA meeting decides to use the Zoom account, their intergroup representative will send the email address and phone of the planned Zoom host(s) to Any changes to meeting hosts should also be sent to the secretary.

  • Meetings can have more than one host if needed
  • Hosts schedule and start meetings (recurring weekly meetings)
  • Each meeting gets its own ID and sets its own password
  • Groups decide what to publish on the meeting schedule

Send specific changes to the published meeting schedule to

Secretary – Maintains a list of people who have access to the licensed account and sends new names on to the Web Manager.  If the ID and password are given to an OA member/s please report this to the CII Secretary, Kayla, at The list will be used by the Web Manager when the password is changed and/or the user ID is changed.

Web Manager – Communicates the account user ID and password to hosts in a secure manager.  Maintains owner data including default settings for meetings.  Changes the password when needed.  Adds basic users if the intergroup decides to use that feature. 

Treasurer  – Adds and maintains billing information as needed. 

Other Members of Intergroup – May request to be a Zoom host for intergroup business. If the ID and password are given to an OA member/s please report this to the CII Secretary, Kayla, at This is important when the password changes that everyone having this information gets the change.

Billing Invoice – A monthly billing invoice goes out from Zoom to the CII Website Manager, CII Treasurer, and Keri K. This information is maintained by the website manager.  

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