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Service at the Group Level  

Service is an important part of our recovery and the health of Overeaters Anonymous as an organization. So important, it is a tool, step and tradition

To achieve abstinence and maintain recovery, we use the 12 steps, 12 traditions and 9 tools of recovery. Since service is in all three, members have many opportunities to do service for their group, intergroup, region or world service business conference. Our organization stays strong when members rotate off and on periodically in their service positions, allowing others to learn and serve.  

“Service in OA has been a surprisingly powerful factor in our recovery.” *

What can you do? 

  • Observe the roles different members play each week that keep the meetings going.
  • Consider volunteering for one of the roles like doing a reading or leading. 
  • When an opening for a service position in your meeting is announced, we suggest you pray to your Higher Power and talk with your sponsor. 

“I have noticed in my home groups that people who remain in recovery are people who continue to give service.” *

Intergroup, Region Rep, WSBC Delegate, Treasurer, Carry the Message, Vice-Chair, Trusted Servants, Web Manager, Secretary, Chair, Public Info, Public Outreach Coordinator

Service at the Intergroup Level

Intergroup exists because its members are trusted servants from each of the meetings. Intergroup Reps are elected by their own meeting and are the link between the meetings and Intergroup. The board officers are also members of individual meetings and are elected to perform essential functions. Unlike typical organization structures, members of Intergroup answer to those they serve (the meeting groups) ~ together they work for the fellowship in central Iowa. 

Each April, board officers and coordinators are elected to serve for a term (see list above). Group reps are elected on a timeline determined by their individual meetings.

  • It is important to the health of OA to rotate service (as Tradition 7 encourages us to do). 
  • When someone announces open positions for Group rep, a board office or coordinator, we suggest you pray to your Higher Power and talk with your sponsor about doing service. 
  • Consider being an alternate for your Group rep as a way to do service and get to know Intergroup. 
  • Click here for job descriptions, responsibilities, and length of terms.

* All quotes are from Voices of Recovery, copyright 2002 by Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.

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