Meeting Resources

Newcomer Buddy

Intergroup recommends having a designated "buddy" to welcome newcomers to OA.  This Buddy Tips list is helpful as a guide and a handout.

Adding a New Meeting/Updating your meeting information

1) When you are adding a new meeting, you will need to agree to the WSO requirements.  WSO Add a Meeting

2) Submit the meeting information to to add it to the Central Iowa meeting list.

3) When your meeting information changes, please submit the changes to the Web Manager at

Treasurer Forms

Reimbursement/Disbursement Form: To be used any time a person is requesting reimbursement for expenditures or requesting that an outside entity is paid directly related to Central Iowa Intergroup business. 

CII Reimbursements and Disbursements form

Verification Form: To be used any time money is given to Intergroup (such as meeting contributions). Please include this form with any checks or cash given.

CII Verification Form

Please contact the CII Treasurer at if you have questions.

Samples of meeting documents

Deposit Instructions Saturday Des Moines OA group

saturday morning des moines oa group monthly expenses

saturday morning des moines oa group weekly count